Big 5 Dubai invitation
Exhibiting at Big 5 Dubai, Dec 5-8, 2022, Dubai, U.A.E.

Join us in Dubai at the Big 5 International Building and Construction Show! Amaltech formally invites you to visit us at The Big 5 International Building & Construction Show at the Dubai World Trade Centre. December 5-8, Stand #2A98. Dubai, UAE.  

Solvent cement cans.
Solvent Cement – A Safe Choice for Building?

Solvent cement is a dangerous chemical. But this product is vital for joining thermoplastic, and creating leak-free joints. The surprising thing? Sustainable and green-building can use our solvent cement as a key building component. The cleaners and primers we offer are UL Greenguard Gold certified. They meet and follow the standard for building materials with […]

Concrete floor repair.
Cracking the Code of Warehouse Floors

You never notice the flooring in a warehouse – until a crack appears. Crackbond CSR is the ultimate solution. An ultra-low viscosity urethane, Crackbond CSR allows for speedy repairs. It cures to over 4,500psi compressive strength in 45 minutes. A self-leveling, 1:1 mix ratio means easy preparation. This solution leaves the repair stronger than the […]

Airport runway featuring Jet-Patch
Airport Runways Run Better with Jet Patch

Do you ever see a runway with potholes? You don’t, because airport safety is critical. Crackbond JETPATCH is a rapid-setting, high-strength solution for concrete repair. Engineered for use on airport runways/tarmacs, roads and bridge decks. Mix with potable water for easy preparation. An initial set-time of less than 20 minutes allows for early resumption of […]

Cementitious Grout for construction projects
Finish your project quicker, cleaner and without worry.

You need a high-strength, fast-setting product for anchoring and grouting. Answer? Ultrabond Hard-Rok. This cementitious grout cures in 20 minutes @ 24C. It reaches a compressive strength of 4500psi in 24 hours. Use on threaded rebar, for sign posts, railings, patching holes and cracks. Worried about rust or stains? You don’t have to. Hard-Rok contains […]

Duct Spacers
Conduit Spacers for Security and Organization

Putting duct in the ground? It can be a mess. You need to keep it organized and secure. This saves you from headaches and problems later on. The base and intermediate spacers we offer are durable, and resistant to extreme temperature fluctuations. Manufactured in the USA from a high-impact polymer.  Space-saving, lightweight, and available in […]

Skyscraper construction
Amaltech. The Best Industrial Products for 30 Years.

We are Amaltech. We ship thousands of US-manufactured products each year to our clients overseas. Our plumbing and electrical products certify and exceed rigorous US standards.  We customize logistics, consolidate shipping, and handle all trade documentation. Join our other clients in using the best industrial goods available. We are Amaltech.

Anchoring Epoxy
Combine Quick Curing and Strength = HYB-2CC.

Almost every project experiences a delay. But you can avoid them. We offer one of the strongest anchoring adhesives available. UltraBond HYB-2CC cures in 30min @ 20C and NSF-certified. It features high creep resistance and an 18 month shelf-life. UltraBond HYB-2CC offers rapid strength development in a short amount of time. Congratulations. Your project is […]

Epoxy Grout
The Ultimate Epoxy Grout for Dynamic Loads

Most industrial projects use a generic epoxy for concrete surface repair. But we offer Accu-Grout. Built to handle static and dynamic loading, this epoxy handles 14,500psi @ 24C. Accu-Grout has excellent flowability, negligible shrinkage and creep, and low toxicity. Designed for base plates on wind farms, gas transmissions, refining facilities, and even railroad and marine […]

Modular duct terminators
Modular Duct Terminators

Underground utilities are complicated. Conduit mapping, termination equipment, configurations, etc. They don’t have to be. Our duct terminators interlock in various combinations. Manufactured from high-impact ABS plastic, they resist high & low temperatures. Membranes remove easily. This saves you time and money on labor and installations. We make your underground project simple and cheaper.

UltraBond & CrackBond Epoxies
UltraBond & CrackBond: the Best Structural Epoxies

Buildings can’t fall apart. Anchors need to perform. Bonds must stay together. And corrosion only adds to the problem. Your solution? Our structural adhesives – UltraBond & CrackBond. These anchoring and doweling epoxies: 1. follow Abu Dhabi International Building Code (ADIBC)2. adhere to building codes in cartridge & bulk dispensing systems3. support many anchor types […]