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Quality over Quantity

Nobody likes buying a product, only to replace it months later. Sure, you could source it from China or elsewhere. But will it last? Amaltech’s industrial exports are high-quality, built to last, and made in the USA. They meet or exceed standards, and follow building codes. We are here for our clients – delivering the […]

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Introducing: The Cracker.

Demolition is loud. But we make it silent. The Cracker is a non-explosive cracking agent that is noiseless, vibration-free and friendly to the environment. Mix with water. Wait a few hours. Cracking begins.  

solvent cement can & dauber
Solvent cement can be dangerous.

But it has a place in sustainability and green building. The cleaners and primers we offer are UL Greenguard Gold certified — they meet and follow the standard for building materials with low chemical emissions. Fact: 50% of consumers worldwide make value-driven purchases. Don’t compromise your health. Let your values speak.

Stronger than Concrete

We help businesses acquire the highest quality industrial products. These items meet the strictest standards set by independent organizations. The most recent addition to this list is ULTRABOND® & CRACKBOND®.  ULTRABOND® is the world’s strongest epoxy, known for anchoring and doweling in construction projects. CRACKBOND® is the premier choice for concrete restoration and repair, including […]

Duct Plugs – the best organizer?

Convenient and efficient. Secure and support. 4 perfect words to describe our cable termination plugs. To anchor and organize utility duct cables, these plugs are engineered to contract and expand in response to changes in ambient temperature without leaking. Offered in 1, 3 and 4-way cable and various duct arrays, ensuring multiple ways to secure […]

Cracked concrete. Epoxies to the rescue.

This road needs help. You need an approved, reliable, repair adhesive to fix this. We offer the strongest DOT-approved, NSF compliant mortars for concrete repair with fast and easy applications. Made in the USA and ready for export to your destination. Make sure your roads are safe and ready.  

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