Quality is a Universal Language.

Amaltech is a US-based export distributor with 30 years experience in supplying the world with the highest quality construction adhesives & epoxies, PVC & CPVC pressure pipe, fittings, valves, and solvent cement. We are uniquely positioned to offer these and other US-manufactured products at competitive pricing to markets all over the world.


ULTRABOND® & CRACKBOND® (Adhesives/Epoxies):

 ULTRABOND® products offer a comprehensive selection of anchoring and doweling adhesives for cracked and uncracked concrete at varying strengths, application temperature ranges and curing speeds. Compliant with the Abu Dhabi International Building Code and DOT listed, ULTRABOND® is the strongest anchoring and doweling epoxy on the market.

CRACKBOND® is the ultimate answer for concrete repair and restoration. It’s ideal for structural crack injection systems, surface restoration, bonding/coating, and joint treatments. Many CRACKBOND® products are DOT approved and NSF-61 certified, making them the right choice for building and transportation infrastructure.


Offered in both Schedule 40 and 80, our PVC and CPVC “pressure” pipe and fittings conform to their specific ASTM specifications and NSF standards. Ranging in size from ¼” to 24”, they are designed to meet the temperature, pressure and size requirements of piping systems used in chemical processes and other industrial applications.

A Lever Butterfly valve used in filtration.


We source a wide range of plastic valves and strainers in both PVC and CPVC and in all sizes. All are manufactured to ASTM specifications and NSF certified, including:


We offer a full line of PVC/CPVC solvent cements and cleaner. All cements meet or exceed ASTM specifications and are NSF listed. All are available in can sizes: 946ml, 473ml, 237ml, 118ml.

Duct terminator


Manufactured of high-impact, high-strength ABS plastic, these modular duct terminators provide easy, time-saving installation and termination of all kinds/sizes of duct. Models available in 2, 3, and 4-way configurations, they can be combined to fit other sizing requirements. Once ducts are terminated, membranes can be removed if needed.

DWV (Drain, Waste, Vent):

All our DWV pipe and fittings are NSF-listed and manufactured to ASTM specifications. They are suitable for drainage and venting of sewage and other liquid waste, ranging from 1-1/4” up to 16”.

Fiber optic equipment


Offered in various sizes and meeting applicable NEMA and UL standards, we supply a range of accessories for the electrical and fiber optic industries, including but not limited to: duct terminators, pipe spacers, duct plugs, wedge seals, and a variety of conduit and electrical fittings.


Non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-petroleum based pipe lubricant for O-rings and slip-on gaskets. NSF approved and certified to ANSI 61 standards.