Ultrabond Epoxy
The Only Epoxy You’ll Ever Need

The global epoxy market was around $9 billion USD in 2020. Only a few epoxies are really worth their value – or your time. UltraBond EPX-3CC is the best code-approved anchoring epoxy available. A convenient 1:1 mix ratio, UltraBond EPX-3CC is compliant with Abu Dhabi and the City of Los Angeles building codes. For use […]

Repair Epoxy
The Epoxy to Create Miracles

Want to save time on your next project? Our MIRACLE BOND® REPAIR EPOXY is a multi-purpose, bonding, and repair adhesive. It cures in 3 hours @ 24C. It keeps your worksite clean because it dispenses with ease from most caulk guns. It’s ideal for overhead repairs due to its non-sag properties. Miracle Bond Repair Epoxy […]