Ultrabond Epoxy
The Only Epoxy You’ll Ever Need

The global epoxy market was around $9 billion USD in 2020. Only a few epoxies are really worth their value – or your time. UltraBond EPX-3CC is the best code-approved anchoring epoxy available. A convenient 1:1 mix ratio, UltraBond EPX-3CC is compliant with Abu Dhabi and the City of Los Angeles building codes. For use […]

UltraBond & CrackBond Epoxies
Chemical Anchors: The Future of Structural Fastening Solutions

Chemical anchors are a type of fastener that use a chemical reaction to create a bond with the surrounding material. Unlike traditional fasteners, chemical anchors provide a secure hold in materials like concrete, masonry, and stone. This makes them ideal for applications where traditional fasteners may not be suitable. The chemical anchor industry has grown […]

Epoxy Grout
The Strongest Industrial Grout Available.

Most industrial projects use generic and weak epoxies for loading conditions. Their grout cracks and weakens after time. You need something stronger. We offer Accu-Grout. It’s built to handle static and dynamic loading conditions reaching 14,500psi @ 24C. Accu-Grout has excellent flowability, negligible shrinkage and creep. Designed for base plates on wind farms, gas transmissions, […]

Ultrabond 1300 doweling epoxy
Ultrabond 1300: The Best Doweling Epoxy.

Most epoxies smell, sag, and damage dispensing pumps. Ultrabond 1300 is the opposite. Its formulation has no smell, doesn’t sag, and works in damp environments. The design of Ultrabond 1300 is safe for dispensing pumps and easy to apply in a 1:1 mix ratio. It offers exceptional strength in anchoring and doweling applications. Perfect for […]

Epoxy repair paste
Overhead Repair Work? Crackbond Epoxy Repair Paste is your solution.

Repairing concrete above your head is tricky. Your adhesive solution drips down. It may take on moisture. It doesn’t cure fast enough. Enter CrackBond Epoxy Repair Paste. A high-strength structural epoxy that is UL/NSF-61 certified and moisture-insensitive. Featuring a 1:1 mix ratio, CrackBond Epoxy Repair Paste trowels with ease. Its non-sag properties make it ideal […]

Anchoring Epoxy
Eliminate Project Delays with UltraBond HYB-2CC

Hate project delays? So do we. Almost every project experiences a delay. But you can avoid them. We offer the strongest anchoring adhesives available.  UltraBond HYB-2CC cures in 30min @ 20C and is NSF-certified. It features high creep resistance and an 18-month shelf-life. UltraBond HYB-2CC strengthens fast in a short amount of time.  Congratulations. Your […]

Anchoring Epoxy
Adhesive that’s Stronger than Steel

ULTRABOND HS-1CC is an IBC/IRC-compliant anchoring and doweling epoxy. It works on cracked & uncracked concrete for both dry or submerged applications. After 7 days of full curing @ 75F, it reaches a compressive yield strength of 14,480 psi. It outperforms every other anchoring and doweling epoxy in the world. Made in the USA, ULTRABOND […]

Repair Epoxy
The Epoxy to Create Miracles

Want to save time on your next project? Our MIRACLE BOND® REPAIR EPOXY is a multi-purpose, bonding, and repair adhesive. It cures in 3 hours @ 24C. It keeps your worksite clean because it dispenses with ease from most caulk guns. It’s ideal for overhead repairs due to its non-sag properties. Miracle Bond Repair Epoxy […]

UltraBond & CrackBond Epoxies
UltraBond & CrackBond: the Best Structural Epoxies

Buildings can’t fall apart. Anchors need to perform. Bonds must stay together. And corrosion only adds to the problem. Your solution? Our structural adhesives – UltraBond & CrackBond. These anchoring and doweling epoxies: 1. follow Abu Dhabi International Building Code (ADIBC)2. adhere to building codes in cartridge & bulk dispensing systems3. support many anchor types […]